Our Art Kit

Have you ever wanted to do something artsy with your kids but not sure what materials to get? Worry not! Artflock has curated a number of simple yet beautiful themed artworks that you can do at home with your kids in the form of Art Kits. We have packed all the materials you need in the kit- from canvas, to paint, and even clay. Don’t let the work “art” intimidate you because we also included step- by- step instructions and photos for you to refer to.

At Artflock, we believe that Mixed Media is the best platform for children to endlessly explore, manipulate and experiment due to its sensory-rich characteristics. It provides valuable, open-ended opportunities as it advocates independent discovery, self-expression, problem solving and critical thinking.

With this art kit, you will be able to have lots of creative freedom as you and your child may choose your own colours, select various objects to add on to your masterpiece, and create your own composition by arranging each elements how ever you want.

All that is left is for you to enjoy this art activity with your kids.

We would love to see your interpretation of the artwork! Do tag us on social media #ArtKitbyArtflock